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La Vera Sibilla

What Would Life Be Without Them?™

The entire course consists of 13 videos introducing the cards, 1 video with layouts of spreads for famous people, as a way of getting to know how the cards interact and reveal details of their lives and 1 video covering spreads for clients.
This course is valued at $200.
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1.  The Sibilla, brief historical background, course presentation, the deck and suits, Sibilla categories, Sibilla grammar, the cards: Donna Maritata, Casa, La Superbia, Disperato per gelosia
2.  The cards: Domestico, Fedeltà, Falsità, Dispiacere
3.  The cards: L’Amante, L'Amatrice/Amante, Ladro, Leggerezza
4.  The cards: Gran Signore, Lettera, Viaggio, Presente di Pietre Preziose
5.  The cards: Il Nemico, La Nemica, Conversazione, Prigione
6.  The cards: L'Amica, Messaggiero, Bambino, Amore
7.  The cards: Dottore, Ammalato, Belvedere, Morte
8.The cards: Donna di Servizio, Consolante sorpresa, Sospiri, Allegrezza al Cuore
9.The cards: Mercante, Speranza, Riunione, Fortuna
10. The cards: Vedovo, Giovine Fanciulla, Imeneo, Gran consolazione
11. The cards: Sacerdote, Costanza, Stanza, Allegria
12. The cards: Letterato, I Deliranti, Denari, La Vecchia Signora
13. The cards: Militare, Malinconia, Pensiero, Disgrazia
14. Spreads for Famous People
15. Spreads for Clients

Become a Certified Cartomancer of

La Vera Sibilla

Certification is granted once the course is completed and you provide reports on five practice clients, supplying photos of their spread and your readings. These clients personally then send me their feedback of your readings.

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