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SOS Systems-Organs-Scan Medical Healing

Medical intuition refers to an energetic scan, in this case an SOS Systems-Organs-Scan, that pinpoints specific illnesses, imbalances and pre-clinical conditions in the human body. A session can appraise your current state of health and well-being by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your body. It reveals not only your current state of health, but can also validate unresolved thoughts and emotions that may be impacting you and your current state of health.

During an evaluation, you will not experience any of the poking and prodding of traditional physical examinations, nor will you experience any of the discomforts associated with conventional medical tests. An SOS medical scan can:

-Provide specific information regarding the function of the organs and glands as well as the many different body systems

-Offer exclusive information regarding the function of the energetic body, thus revealing mental, emotional and spiritual issues that may surround your health concern

-Reveal health issues that may go undetected when utilizing standard medical tests

-Offer you with second opinion of your current health concerns.

All SOS scans, and clearing, leave you with a sense of empowerment and a direction to follow. This is true whether you are seeking guidance for yourself or are in need of help, encouragement and support for a friend or loved one.

This session also provides fundamental information concerning the nature of your Soul, its origin and your Divine energy center, or Divine gift.

Once ordered, we schedule the session approximately one week later, the time it takes to medically scan your energy and prepare a report. The session is carried out using a Zoom, a link is sent to you so we can connect. An audio recording of the session is provided to you.

This session is valued at $450. You can add your donation here.

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