A revolution is female.

This is the underlying theme that emerges in the media coverage on July 20, of protests in Portland, Oregon. Protesters had been pushed by police northward on Third Avenue, to its intersection with Taylor Street, with officers standing across the intersection, facing the group of protesters, launching various types of munition.

Suddenly a naked woman appears, walking out to the intersection in front of where police were standing, wearing only a face mask – following pandemic guidelines – and a stocking cap. She paced the area near the crosswalk, laid down, kicking up her feet. then struck a series of ballet poses. The unidentified woman was dubbed “Naked Athena."

The officers shot pepper balls at her feet. Another protester ran out in front of her with a homemade shield, but then the officers all left. The woman, too, left soon afterward, without any additional display.

Strikingly vulnerable in her nakedness, yet compelling in warding off law enforcement, Naked Athena’s power lay bare before our very eyes. The ancient Olympian Goddess Athena represents the feminine archetype for logical thinking, as a woman, not as a man. Her Virgin Goddess energy can be deeply transformed or refined in highly creative ways. By definition, the Virgin Goddess is self-directed, self-motivated and focused in her thinking.

In today’s world, where decision makers have yet to rule on whether our children return to school, rather than continue home schooling, we have the opportunity – I dare say challenge – to make a difference in shifting the power differential to a more balanced place.

Here and now, individually and collectively.

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