Christelle on Twitter/Periscope

Christelle, I try my best to catch you when you get on Twitter/Periscope. I've asked a couple of questions on Periscope, and you have helped me see things a lot more clearly. You know a few months back I reached out to you because I saw a video that you were offering a free consultation in regards to Twin flames and Soulmates. In that email, I had mentioned that I had this strong pull towards someone and I just couldn't put my finger on it or understand why. I also mentioned that I am in relationship but for some odd reason all I could think about was this man.

On Periscope, I had asked if I was going to meet the actor, and you said yes. I also asked if there was a new relationship for me in the near future and you said yes. At times, I can’t believe that this is happening. I've been listening to your YouTube readings and they just sing to me. I found myself crying today because the thought of it all is overwhelming, and the thought of walking away from someone who helped me when I was at my worst breaks me. Christelle, Im so grateful that I found you on YouTube because I’m going to need your help in the future. I don't have a job right now, but when I do get one, I'm going to save money because I'm going to need your services, whatever you recommend, I'm all for it. Whatever I need to be at my best I'll do. If I need a clearing/healing then that's what we shall do.

Also, my boyfriend at the moment has been a big part of my life, and I have to see him shine. He has to be okay. He deserves beautiful things because he gave me shelter and the space I need to heal. I am a stronger person because of him. This whole thing is overwhelming.

Just reaching out to say Thank You for what you do, and for the free readings you give on Periscope and on YouTube. Really has brought some light to my situation.

Greetings from New York.


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