Spirit Guide Team Reading - My Experience

Growing up, I used to possess the ability to see and speak with spirits, but having my family chastise me when I spoke of these things, led me to conceal my abilities and over time, I was no longer able to do it, but over the years, I have come to embrace these gifts and use them to help others. I first came to Dr. Martinette about three months ago. I was having difficulty in my work and finances, my relationships and even my physical well-being and I knew that whatever was ailing me was not just a case of "life's trials." This was something big and serious. She worked with me closely all during the process and the information I gained from the Soul Realignment, along with the clearing of my akashic records did wonders for me. I became more creative and productive in my work, thereby increasing my finances. My relationships improved, as I became aware that my communication style really needed some tweaking and I began to sleep all through the night, whereas before, I could barely manage four hours without waking. And my lapses into depression ceased completely. I continued on with much success, but then ran into a block. I work in the spiritual consultation field and was having trouble accessing my gifts that allowed me to help those clients who came to me for help and guidance and I was unable to access any information that I needed to complete my work with clients. I decided to contact Dr. Martinette again, explaining my issues, the main one being that I was no longer able to hear or make contact with my guides. She suggested that I try the followup session to Soul Realignment with the Spirit Team Guide Reading. Once the session was completed, I received my copy via email and a followup call from Dr. Martinette where she went over the report with me. What I received was absolutely astounding. She was able to identify my Spirit Guides by name, origination (where they come from), function (what they are here to help me do) and method of contact (i.e. sight, music, sound, etc.). This information was priceless because it meant that I could now, not only call upon them individually, but would also know when they were trying to contact me. But the most surprising thing about what happened to me after the session, that night, after receiving and discussing it with Dr. Martinette, I went to sleep. Sometime during the night I remember waking because I felt people standing around my bed. Six people and they all approached me and touched me gently on my arms and shoulders. This was my team coming to introduce themselves! In all my years, I've never been able to have direct contact like that with my guides and deep down felt that I had no guides at all. This session not only helped me with establishing contact with my guides, but also proved just how wrong I was in the assumption that I had none. Now that I know who my guides are, how they operate and how they contact me, I am finding that they speak to me everyday. My messages mostly come when I sleep, but one month on now after the reading, I am finding that messages now come to me during waking hours. This revelation has been like a shot of adrenaline to my work and in assisting my clients. And this alone is the most beautiful outcome. My guides help me, to help others. Thank you, Dr. Martinette. Sincerely, TK

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