After This Experience... Soul Realignment

Dr. Christelle Martinette did an amazing job accessing my Akashic records for soul realignment. The timeline that was given revealed many recurring patterns and themes that I am still grappling with. I realize that I was operating from fear and insecurity which led to a chain of unhealthy behaviours that adversely affected the trajectory of my life. I was also able to see how all the pieces fit in the web of my life and saw how these recurring issues affected me as an adult. The effects of being in school before I developed the proper cognitive skills to fully function in a classroom environment, along with my mom’s emotional neglect, I realized I was socially unintegrated and behaviorially neglected as a child which made assimilation and learning very difficult for me. The rote learning that was valued in birth country also interfered with my creative development and critical thinking skills. Once all of this was revealed I saw recurring patterns through my educational endeavours that still affect me currently, as a 29 year old adult, in graduate school, coping with poor study habits and the inability to concentrate and dealing with a Saturn return transit. All these deeply entrenched and repressed issues are surfacing to be dealt with, I’m sure but having then emerge into the light was a mind blowing revelation and gave me more clarity about the changes that are required right now as well and how they will impact my future. After this experience I vow to make better informed choices and to make decisions that are more in alignment with my soul purpose and truths. I also understand that we are all living a human experience and must make decisions that nurture our own human needs. The series of childhood trauma definitely affected my ability to live this way and to see my own sense of self-worth and revealed the past 29 years of systematic self denial and emotional repression I underwent to make myself into a perfect image in other people’s eyes because I needed external validation. This was the most eye opening experience for me and I will move forward with self love and clarity and make decisions that are good for ME without having to justify or cater to other’s opinions of my self worth. Having gone through this I would recommend soul realignment with Christelle Martinette to anyone. While the process is uncomfortable and will expose many repressed memories, it is helpful in capturing the overarching themes of a series of habits conditioning your life choices which everyone needs to examine in their own lives.

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