Relationships With Others & With Yourself

Working with relationships - romantic or business, with others or with yourself - is a delicate matter.

I have compiled a unique way to adapt Carl Jung's early work on ARCHETYPES so that it can benefit the workings of personal discovery & relationships. I research universal archetypes in four, different areas of life and the specific characteristics of these archetypes. I overlap these with a significant other's archetypal patterns (or that of a person of interest) in order to pinpoint the particular nature of your interactions, and get to the root causes of your relational issues. More importantly - something I highly promote - these readings are first and foremost aimed to improve how we view ourselves and how we interact with those around us.

This reading offers guidance into how to interact with those around you and suggests how to sidestep potential pitfalls that may occur in relation to the particular archetype you are representing to the world in any given moment in time.
The reading costs $400 USD, is done live, and recorded for you.
It can be ordered below.

Archetypal readings for relationships (business, family, companions, friends) are priced in relation to the number of people involved. Contact me below for an estimate.

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