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Property & Business Premises Clearing

Whatever your beliefs on spirituality, entities such as ghosts, poltergeists, discarnate spirits, lost Souls, etc., that these phenomena exist is a given. They affect people, their homes, businesses and the surrounding property. The associated energy can be devastating, strong enough to create a number of hair-raising experiences.

We get to the energetic root of these phenomena to better understand what set off the different forms and degrees of possession that properties and businesses undergo. These, then, are cleared. This research, analysis and clearing of negative entities is carried out through energy work, and at a distance, if need be.

There may be a multitude of reasons behind the presence of entities, as there is a multitude of different entities that may be attached to a property or business. What is more, these may be impacted by energy portals that can lead to energy imbalances.

If you are reading this and have stock in – or are a partner to – a business or own a property and feel the issues affecting you are complex, you can undoubtedly benefit positively from this type of research, analysis and clearing.

A very common experience is when you move into a new environment, a new property, and you begin to perceive occurrences or see particular phenomena. When investigated, we find that members of your immediate or extended family, your friends or business partners are sensitive to these energies and they begin to report different occurrences. In these cases candle work and sage smudging alone may not be effective in removing the property and business of negative entities.

The aim of this session, that is valued at $750, is to restore properties and businesses to their original state and to reestablish balance in the environment.

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