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PLR - Past Life Regression


Groundbreaking psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss spearheaded research into Past-Life Regression (PLR), using hypnosis to lead his patients back in time to their earliest memories, then even further back to what he reported as their past lives. This made it possible to examine the experiences that lie at the roots of their current fears and phobias, the assumption being that if you can connect your current fears to a past-life, it is possible to remove them from your present-life.

This calls into question the premise of reincarnation. While reincarnation is considered to be a universal concept that may apply to all people, the laws that govern reincarnation or rebirth are not. These laws are based on karma. Karma plays a vital role in determining what kind of life a person would have in the present and in their next life. The qualities of a person’s new life will completely depend on their karma or - put simply - on things done in a past life.


This is universal justice at its fairest.


According to Buddhist teaching, when a person dies their body decays but its energies take up another form in the Universe. What about karma? In order to make sense of karma in terms of past-life regression, we can think of a person’s soul as a collection of karmic imprints. In other words, all choices made and everything done are collected and stored in your Soul’s blueprint.


What is the impact of karmic imprints on our Soul’s blueprint?

And - more importantly - how can tapping into these imprints help us?


The memory of our past lives is stored in our subconscious minds.


Allow Past Life Regression to unlock these mental resources through hypnosis.

Access that part of the mind that holds the answers to your own questions.

After initial consultation, the PLR session lasts roughly 2 hours and is valued at $350, including a debriefing session. The entire session is recorded and made it available to you, in order that you might access it whenever needed.

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