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Working with partnerships is always a delicate matter in this tango that is life.

I invite you into a free consultation that enables me to professionally understand your issues.

I then send you a number of proposals.

I compile a partnership protocol and get to the energetic root of your relationships, be it a romantic or business partnership, family members or friends.​

A close account is made of your respective Energy Centers, those special gifts you individually have, which offer a gateway to understanding how to explore your energies for the benefit of your relationship.

Individual Soul Groups, as well as Soul Specializations, further clarify delicate areas where both parties contribute to the development of your partnership.

Your individual Life Lessons are examined, both in terms of how these life themes, or challenges, play out in this lifetime and the specific aspects they concern.

An analysis of a combined history of both parties is compiled: lifetimes shared, the nature of the relationship in these lives, karmic ties, contracts, pacts, hooks, cords, and other blocks and restrictions.

These blocks and restrictions are then cleared.

This powerful therapeutic tool, this work - if desired - also entails follow-up, ongoing sessions that work toward dealing with the new relational context, one free of all negative bonds, blocks and restrictions.

Contact me for an initial consultation.

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