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18 July 2017

The Winner

The Marital House - Wendy
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The Marital House

by Wendy

I loved the house when we bought it.

It was spacious with a bright and airy feel.

And, the price was right.

They say that if we dream of houses, while sleeping, that is actually all the different rooms of the subconscious mind.

I must be busy while I sleep, exploring the different rooms of my mind, as I Dream a lot of different rooms in different houses.

Hidden rooms.

I feel in the marital home I lived in for 15 years, I was living out my subconscious thoughts, mixed with a few ghosts or energies, and sometimes angels or loved ones, showing up. 

I always wondered if it were the energetic ghosts that caused the negativity that seemed to be in the air. It wasn't always bad things, necessarily. Just paranormal.

I will start with the first paranormal event that I recall.

It was 1997. I had just gotten home from a trip, as I was a flight attendant, at the time.

It was midnight. My 2 year old daughter was asleep in her crib.

My husband, at the time, was asleep, with the baby monitor turned on.

I slipped in quietly, as not to waken anyone, the clock said 1 am, as I drifted off to sleep.

At 2 am, I was awoken by music playing.

It was loud, and I realized it was coming from the baby monitor.

It was as if someone had wound up her baby mobile, strange.

Was someone in the room? I listened intently to the monitor.

My heart was beating. Listening for a voice.

I shook David awake, and told him to listen.

We both sat and listened, each of us too afraid to go confront the ghost, or whoever was in there, that turned on the music.

It went on for 20 minutes. Then it stopped.

We stayed up for a long (while) waiting in anticipation for a voice or the music to come back on.

I couldn't believe my daughter didn't wake up from the music being played. 

The next day, my Husband went into the crawl space in the basement which was like a dirt cellar that you had to crawl into. He wanted to check the electrical wiring, after the musical episode the night before.

He crawled out, bringing with him some bones that he found in the crawl space.

He seemed a bit freaked out, as they looked to be bones the size of a child.

I told him that he should have let them be, as I wondered if perhaps our house was built on Indian grounds.

Regardless, I intuitively knew that you are to leave bones in their resting place. 

My husband decided to research, and although he didn't find out if our house was built on Indian grounds, he did find out some other disturbing news.

The man that built our house and the identical two houses beside ours, committed suicide by hanging himself.

Once the bones were brought out, things seemed to take a turn for the worse.

Fights ensued between me and my Husband, lightbulbs burst, along with their glass fixtures, a glass chopping board we had exploded out of the blue into tiny shards of glass all over the kitchen.

Wind blew through the house, when no windows were open.

The negative energy was palpable and I believe that was the demise of our marriage.

We separated in 2008.

He still lives in the house.

This heavy dark energy still affects the lives of my daughter and the whole family dynamics.

I want these ghosts detached and put into their final resting place.

They have caused enough havoc. 

Selection of Stories Submitted

My Brother's Ghost - Maria
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My Brother’s Ghost

by Maria

Dedicated to my Big Bro…..


My brother told me he had a ghost growing up.  We were ten years apart so I never knew his ghost, just stories from my big bro.  My bro said that the ghost who looked like a bunny first appeared to him when he was four, and in the hospital.  He first thought it was a stuff animal to cuddle since he was sick in the hospital, so he cuddled up to the bunny.  My brother kept getting sick, fever, seizers, etc... But the bunny was always there.  The bunny started to talk to my brother, told my brother not to be afraid of him, he was a ghost, and came to visit and spend time with my brother. 

The bunny ghost introduced himself as Robert, and my brother name was Johnny. Robert the Bunny Ghost told Johnny that he was a ghost from another dimension. That likes to make friends all over the universe. That he cannot do well on his own, and he needs to make friends all over that face opposition to help and learn and become buddies. Johnny and Robert the Bunny Ghost became fast friends.  Robert the Bunny Ghost was always at Johnny’s side.  Johnny was getting ill.  The fevers and the seizers were increasing, and as he reached 6 he was losing his hearing. But Robert the bunny Ghost never left Johnny’s side, was his buddy thru it all.  Johnny and Robert the Bunny Ghost had great fun.  They played, talked, and laughed.  In view of Johnny’s struggles in the human condition, Robert the Bunny Ghost gave Johnny great strength to rise triumphant over his weakness and sadness in being sick and losing his hearing. Robert the Bunny Ghost told Johnny that he could not, like anybody else, get physically stronger by lifting weights ,exercise, but he can strengthen his mind which, he was told was much more powerful than the body, and his will and spirit , would increase, by doing things that involve a measure of firmness of mind and heart, and to believe anything is possible.

As Johnny turned 7 years old he lost total hearing and Robert the Bunny Ghost was always at his side encoring, Johnny to read, play, sing, dance and have tons of fun.  Johnny did read everything loved to read about space, and different dimensions so he could understand Robert the Bunny Ghost and where he came from.  All the great stories about different universes that Robert the Bunny Ghost told him, and Johnny said that those stories made him feel so alive, excited and happy.  Johnny was turning 9 years old and his illness was fading , his hearing was gone, but he was getting  healthier daily ,  but he and Robert the Bunny Ghost were having a blast, doing all kinds of fun stuff, bike riding, fishing, sports, everything you can think of they were doing together.

 As, Johnny was approaching ten, Robert the Bunny Ghost told Johnny that a very special Star was going to enter Johnny’s life, at the request of Robert the Bunny Ghost, because Robert the Bunny Ghost had to go on his next universal ghostly mission, but did not want to leave Johnny emptied handed or alone, So told him a special Star was requested, for Johnny.  Johnny was excited for this special Star, Robert the Bunny Ghost told him that this star would shine brightly, but Johnny was sad that Robert the Bunny Ghost was leaving.  Robert the Bunny Ghost told Johnny that would always be best buddies and he would be back. 

As Johnny turned 10 the special Star was born, me his little sister.  Robert the Bunny Ghost went away on his special universal duties.  Johnny told me so much about Robert the Bunny Ghost, all the fun and adventures that that they shared together.  And, all the cool stuff that Robert the Bunny Ghost could do, like fly, go thru walls, be everywhere and have so many friends all over the universe.  The one thing my brother said about his special ghost, his kindness that he shared was unparalleled to anything my brother had every experienced. I was amazed and loved when my brother told me those stories. Then when my brother told me that Robert the Bunny Ghost told him I was a STAR, I was amazed, and I believed every word he said from Robert the Bunny Ghost, I knew he was for real.  Unfortunately, my brother got ill, and on the night he passed away, my brother was sharing his love for me, and then Robert the Bunny Ghost appeared, (I was in awe) and Robert the Bunny Ghost said, Hello Little Star, don’t you worry, Johnny and me are going to have the greatest adventure ever, best buddies never leave each other, and we never leave the Little Star who shines so bright for us.

A Woman in the Night, A Woman in the Light - Gigi
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A Woman in the Night, A Woman in the Light

by Gigi

I have been living in my apartment for over six years. The first time when I have viewed the apartment, the one currently I'm staying in right now, I felt there was very strange energy in my master room.

A couple days afterward I moved in, while I'm sleeping there I have dream. where I saw lady at the end my bed. She was about over 30 years old.

Then very strange happened.

I’m in my room there is a light on the table. I'm scared of the dark so usually I sleep with a light on.

But when I switched it off, the light switch back on itself.

This didn’t happen only once. I thinks it happened about 4 times if I can remember.

I'm not scared, but if I can do better and understand what happened or if there is a massage, that someone needs help, I would like to try and help.

NEW!! From Dark to Light - Christel
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From Dark to Light

by Christel

I still can’t believe what happened that night. But it did and it was real. On a normal Friday night. I was serene, full of light and happy to receive my friends. We were having a girly meeting at my place; it was in fact the first session of our newly created circle, “The circle of rainbow”. Our Triade’s purpose is to help each other grow spiritually, evolve our consciousness and share our spiritual gifts and lights freely.

My friend called Lana arrived half an hour late. She is single like me she also has been suffering from low self-esteem since her last break up. Somehow, l still see her light shining. She is a very genuine person. She is also very intuitive and psychics at times. And my best friend Lauren who is often late, actually turned up, that night, 2 hours late. Not only was she late but she was also drunk. No, she wasn’t, according to her; she was not drunk at all because she only had 3 glasses of bubbly!!! And she could very well handle her drink. Just so you know, she has a drunken mother. Lauren is blond; she has that light shining too, always on the go, good fun to be around, not that night though. When Lauren arrived, she was fired up with anger like I have never seen her. A family secret of hers had just erupted like a volcano. I kind of knew it already but she had never told me the details because she did not even know herself.

Prior to coming to my place, Lauren was with her mother and sisters. They had been drinking and the secret came out. Nasty words were exchanged. Tears were contained and anger was bottled up until she came to my flat.

Her father had been very ill all his life, a disease you never talk about. You can’t. It’s impossible. He was physically abusing his own children, one by one, day after day during their childhood. He had 4 daughters and an only son. All of them were his victims. No one in the family ever talked about it. It was a shameful dark secret. The wife, my friend’s mother never even confessed knowing anything about it, how could she not know? Of course she knew but she was also his victim so she could not say anything. Just few days before he died, she helped him get his way out. He forced her, one last time, to be his partner in crime. He was at the hospital, she had to hide the medication he was taking and they both knew that if he was not taking them, he would die. He no longer wanted to live, his conscious was unbearable, too heavy, and he had done too much pain. He died not long after, that was 4 years ago.

Lana and I, were both listening with care and love to Lauren telling us her family secret. It was so hard hearing it, so sad, I could feel her pain deep within me. I am so sensitive and such an empath because I have also been abused as a child but verbally not physically. Still, it is too damaging.

At that moment in time, feeling all my friend’s pain all I could think, “Let’s hold hands”, in order to share in trinity and let our energy flow. We did. Oh yes we did but what happened next was so shocking. I did not expect it at all. Instead of bringing up healing and soothing effect, it caused my best friend Lauren to transform herself in front of us into a monster. She was evil; she was dark, full of anger and ready to unleash it onto Lana. Bad words were said, she accused Lana of having a dark soul; of not being alone, meaning, of being totally possessed by demons. Of course, it was the mirror effect. At that point I had not realised it but I was not longer breathing, I was under such a shock. I was so scared I just don’t know how to express what happened but I remember clearly Lauren’s face being torn, she even started coughing, no, more like gulping. She was fighting evils. She was being possessed too. All this time Lauren made me believe that it was Lana’s demons who were trying to enter her. Oh dear God, I have never been so scared in my life of entities and ghosts. As a child I knew that they existed but it was only happening when I was dreaming, when evil spirits were trying to get me? They were just dreams. I had never seen an actual manifestation of the dark side of spiritual world. This time, it was real, all happening under my own eyes, in my home. Lauren told me to quickly go and get my prayers book, candles and my crystals of protections. So, I was the one reading the prayers and it felt I was the sanest in the room, the one in control, the one with the light and power. I read out loud and both my friends were convulsed and not at ease at all with the Lords words. I could feel shivers all over my body. This has lasted far too long, up to midnight. I don’t understand why I could not stop it; it went on and on and why did I not ask them to leave my home. As an abused child, and being under the shock I guess I was paralysed with fears. My ego so wanted to face these demons and defeat them. Instead, the fear and lower vibrations got me. I allowed, because of my fears, a hungry ghost and entities to attach to me. They were feeding on my fears. That night I did not sleep at all. A candle was burning on my bedside table all night. And the next following days I could feel my internal light diminishing. I knew something was not right. I really was faced with demons. I do understand the origin of this expression now, “facing our demons”, it’s because they do exist.

They are everywhere, not only in dreams; they are in our world too. The main lesson I got out of all this veridic experience, it is all up to us to choose which state of mind we want to live our lives. Do we want to be abused, to be victims of perpetrators? Or do we want to choose to free ourselves and be the Love. I know it is easier said than done but with patience and hard work.

Day and night, love and hate, angels and demons etc.… from one state to the other end of the spectrum, we fluctuate. It’s a fact. We all need to experience these opposite negative emotions to see the beauty of the positive emotions.

From now on, I will be mindful of thoughts, behaviours and egos. I am aware of that we all hold within us the dark and the light. It is only up to us to choose how to express our vibrations. How do we want to live? Is it in a place with higher vibrations which are Love and light or in a place with lower vibrations such as anger, hatred and negativity?

I am still recovering from this recent little adventure. Luckily, Christelle Martinette has healed me by removing the entities attached to me and the hungry ghost based at my heart and solar plexus chakras. To this day, I have not talked to my best friend yet, and I am not even sure I want to, it makes me think, do we really know people? So many questions, but I know for sure that my inner demons are slowly disappearing, freeing me totally. My inner work of clearing up my soul and my heart from years of suffering, betrayal, unrequited love and all sort of negative emotions is an ongoing process but I really start to feel the beauty of life and the light within is strongly shining upon me and my world…because I do own my story and I understand dark does exist and I am consciously aware of the fact that I am choosing the light….I am free. I am Love and Light.

Was I Dreaming? - Arian
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Was I Dreaming?

by Arian 

I do not know where to begin.

I had too many ‘ghost encounters’ which both I had seen as a young girl and the rest was felt. I came to the point of never seeing them anymore. I thought I made them go away. Over the years I found out that I just can’t see them like I used to and that they are just around, lingering.

I was disappointed but what can I do? It’s a part of my life whether I like it or not. Like what they say, our souls chose our paths in this lifetime. I do not want to believe that fact but no matter how much I deny it, it is what it is. I wish I can be just ‘normal’ but I am not ‘normal’. I was born with it and was meant to have a purpose and it’s something that I never came close to understanding, yet. 

I just learned to live with it. 

Live with them. 

Exist with them.

I was like, ‘Okay, you can hang around just don’t bother me!’ but the presence alone was bothersome. Especially this lady with the black veil who wields a dagger.

They were frightening but I am more bewildered on why they are following me. I was confused and can’t ask or tell anybody what was happening to me. I was this strange 12 year old girl with bad grades, no real friends, bullied at school and my family is into this constricted Christian beliefs.

I would have a series of sleep paralysis plus nightmares of this veiled woman who was about to plunge her dagger through me but I can’t move in my bed. I would just wake up and thought that I must be dead but I wasn’t.

It occurred for countless nights. I was always restless. I can’t get enough sleep due to them bothering me. Like the bullies wasn’t enough or the teachers mocking me wasn’t enough and my parents wanting me get straight A’s wasn’t enough. 

I was at my limit.

It has to stop I thought. 

It did stop.


I just stopped seeing them but I can still feel a presence if there will be any. Instead over the years my intuition heightened and I became very sensitive to the energy around me. A lot happened over the span of 18 years but I was led to more questions as I approached an answer. In which I thought the agony stops there but then it just begun.

I was 10 when we transferred to this old compound with clustered apartments when I was in 4th grade.

It started there. Though when I look back comparing my story to others’ experiences, they also started seeing spirits at ages around 8 or 10 and sometimes even younger.

Some got even possessed and those stories were told by their families or peers for they weren’t the same after that.

My theory is that I will still be haunted by spirits even if I live in a different place.

It was like a rite of passage or something. I am not sure. I stopped wondering about it for I don’t want to feel plagued by what was happening. But I still feel plagued, for I only have nothing but speculations on what I really am.

Right now I am already 3 decades old and I still feel like I haven’t even chipped the surface of who I am.

Even recalling it now gives me the chills!

But I won’t deny that our place back there had too much blood in which the landlady didn’t open up to my folks. 

Our apartment had 3 floors. The living room, kitchen then bathroom plus wash area on the ground floor. A stock room and my bedroom on the 2nd floor. On the 3rd floor, the room by the left side was where my Mom and sister stayed, then the other room was my Dad’s.

I started to struggle with school that time. My grades were diving low because I was being constantly bullied, but for some reason I wasn’t comfortable opening up to my parents about it.

They never listened up until now so I boxed it inside me. 

Our apartment was eerie, I admit. There’s this coldness that I can’t explain. I don’t mind sleeping alone in my room, but for some reason I don’t want to be alone in it.

Those times we had a maid named Jing. She slept in my room for the duration of the time she worked for us, which was 2 years.

It felt better. Still it was eerie even with another person with the room it still feels cold. I asked her if it feels weird but she said that she felt nice actually.

She did not tell me why it felt nice, I figured it would be too much if she admitted the truth that a maid can sleep in the room of her master’s daughter.

I did not mind it though.


She left our household because her Mom took her back to their provincial hometown. I was left to sleep alone in my eerie cold room.

I had this feeling that I was being watched but there is no one around. I ignored it for the troubles I had at school were worse compared to this invisible ‘eye’ watching me.

I was lonely and most nights I wept until I fell asleep. But technically, I wasn’t really alone.

A lot happened in that span of 2 years. I repeated 4th grade because of my failing marks and it wasn’t because I was dumb, it was because my classmates were constantly bullying me and it was so much stress for me to focus at school.

My Dad on the other hand was at the peak of his career as a businessman hitting his quota threefold. It gave him a bigger ego, a harsher tongue on how useless I was for failing, but it also gave way for him to give us a better life.

That better life meant a lot of toys and an air conditioned room. 

Looking back, I can’t believe the air conditioner would make things worse.

After the air conditioning was fixed at the left room of the 3rd floor, my folks decided we would all sleep at the same room so we coulf sleep comfortably in a cool room at night.

My mom and sister shared the same bed, while I shared with my Dad, which made me really uncomfortable. I was 12 and even if he is my Dad sleeping besides him was uncomfortable.

I did not voice it to my Mom, again because none of them ever listens.

The room, again, has the same eerie cold feeling, and it was stronger than the ones in my room, so that sleeping besides Dad, no matter how uncomfortable it was for me, became a consolation.

For some reason I was afraid to be alone in the bed.

One night I was alone with my sister in that room preparing to sleep, when we heard a knock. I thought it was Mom and my sister who was 5 yrs. at the time might have accidentally locked the door. 

I checked while I was still in bed, the door wasn’t locked. So I told Mom that it was open and she can come in.

But it wasn’t her.

The knocking still continued and it was more of a pounding than a knock. Annoyed, I got up and approached the door to open it.

When I opened the door ajar I saw a clenched pale fist and reddish brown curly hair.

It was a fraction of a stranger’s presence in our house and we didn’t have guests in our place that time.

I swung the door wider in swift motion but there was no one there. I stood there frozen in shock and was brought back to reality when my Mom called me out as she was ascending the stairs.


I was speechless.

My sister saw my reaction and all, but I don’t know if she saw the lady.

I looked at my sister who just looked back blankly at me, bewildered. I asked if she heard the knocking and she confirmed it. I did not ask if she had seen her too but she was sitting at the edge of one of the beds where she could see the door.

She had seen me open the door and my reactions. I wonder if she was seeing it too. I was still in shock to even have my logic in place.

It just got worse from there.

Ever since, after that incident at sleep, I would just wake up with someone pulling my foot like it wants to drag me off from bed and put me somewhere. It would happen at the times my Dad wasn’t beside me in bed because he was drinking.

I would just jerk it off, curl in bed and pretend that it did not happened. But whenever that someone would pull my foot, I would be so scared to go back to sleep. I would cover myself with the blanket and close my eyes really tight but sleep wouldn’t come. I would just wake up in the morning pretending that nothing had happened.

It did not stop. The foot pulling in the nightmares of this veiled black lady with a dagger would haunt me in my dreams.

It would start in a sleep paralysis. I wouldn’t be able to move as she approached me and when she was about to plunge her really sharp dagger, I would wake up in darkness with tears and was sweating in a cold room.

I would cover myself with the blanket and shake due to fright inside, until exhaustion engulfed me fully. 

I remember being so bothered. They were like the mean girls at my class. I don’t remember doing anything to these ‘spirits’ and why just do things to me?

I had no one to confide in. In spite of the constant bullying, I tried focusing on my studies for it alleviated my worries of those who tormented me at our apartment.

I tried opening up to certain girls in our class that I am comfortable with and we got along. I would study and sleep really late so they would torment me less but it was still so bad to the point of frustration. Especially the sleep paralysis because it is painful and exhausting.

One time, I was talking casually to Baby Ruth, one of my classmates, and opened up about the ghost. I told her about me seeing one and she said, ‘So you are like me! I can ‘see’ too’. ‘What do you mean that you can ‘see’ too?’, I asked. ‘Not everyone can ‘see’. Only certain people are able to do so’, she replied.

‘It’s a gift’, she added

I was silent. 

In my mind no way in hell could seeing these beings be a ‘gift’, good lord!

For a while when she asked, ‘So you experience those ‘freezing’ moments?’ I looked at her with astonishment for how on point description was.


She continued as she acknowledged that I experienced it also. Well, I experience it on a daily basis like our endless math exercises.

‘Try sleeping sideways.’, she suggested. I nodded as I look at how calm she was when telling me what to do. I wonder what she had seen already, but I don’t want to know. I have enough with the ghost. I just want to be a normal.

‘If ever you experience it point your toes’ she explained while nudging me to look at how she flexed her foot. ‘Then if you were caught ‘freezing’ with your toes pointed, just do the opposite’ she added and flexed her foot in a relax manner.

I was still bewildered with everything that she was saying but I can feel that she wasn’t lying. 

We were silent for a moment then, I asked her when she started ‘seeing’. I remember listening carefully but I was lost in it. Especially at the part when she said, ‘It runs in the family’. I said that I am the only one who can ‘see’ in my family.

‘You will never know. Have you asked?’ she asked

‘No. We don’t talk about these things at home.’ I replied

‘That is sad’, she continued. ‘But you know what to do now!’

I nodded and in my head, I am still swimming with more questions. Now I have an idea on how to defend myself but it made me wonder why Baby Ruth was so jolly if she is like me. I figured maybe because her family is open and are like her. Unlike me, alone with this ‘gift’, I say it’s a ‘curse’.

Looking back at this point it wasn’t true that I was the only one who can ‘see’. It turns out my Dad can see too. He did not say it directly but I confirmed it at one incident but it wasn’t at our old apartment. Certain family members on my mother’s side can ‘see’ but I found that out 10 years later.

Going back to what happened. I tried everything that Baby Ruth suggested and it worked.

I slept well for a good month or so. Until the foot pulling happened again and they would roll me on my back so I would suffer the sleep paralysis again.

I was furious and I feel hopeless. I thought I would triumph over these spirits and everything is under control. I was crying for I don’t know what to do anymore.

I was depressed and I was so tired of fighting and that fateful night, I saw something that up until now I have not shaken off, ever. 

I gave in to the sleep paralysis and did not flex my foot in a certain way. I felt like I was falling in a pit. When I thought that it was endless, I landed on a white marbled cliff. I had no idea where I was. I was wondering if I was already dead for the spirits successfully stole my soul, then brought me there.

I was silently hoping that all of this was just a dream, but my guts weren’t telling me that it was a dream. It’s like a far off place.

As I raised my head slightly, a huge white snake emerged from the opening. I screamed for I had never seen a huge white snake which is as white as the marbled cliff that I am perched on, not to mention he had great big golden eyes. When he caught me staring, he stared examining me then said ‘You are not yet ready’. He immediately left.

I was screaming for him to come back, asking him what it was about me being not yet ready.

‘What are you going to do with me?’ I asked but my voice just echoed through the marbled walls. ‘Send me back home, please!’ Everything just went dark then I opened my eyes and I am at my room. I can still feel the pain in my chest due to the paralysis.

It was like a dream but I swear it wasn’t. I was fully aware of everything. 

‘What was that snake?’, I thought. It’s so unreal. 

It was a turning point. 

‘Waking up’ to it I just stared at the dark ceiling of the room, I did not care if they would come back. I dared them to bring me back there, I want some answers!

Call me crazy, but I was so overwhelmed with what was happening. When nothing came back to claim anything, I just fell asleep.

That morning when I woke up I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let any of them do anything to me anymore.

The following nights, whenever the foot pulling would happen, I just jerked\ off my foot and calmly continued sleeping as if nothing happened.

Whenever the sleep paralysis attacks me I will flex my foot and then just go back to sleep as if nothing happened.

I would see a shadow or 2 in our apartment and I would pay them no attention whatsoever. Not that I wasn’t afraid. I was still afraid but I was just tired of being under the fear that they want me to feel. I just thought that I don’t deserve that and I won’t have any of it.

It gradually stopped.

Though before it even stopped they did so many scarier things.

I persevered that I am not having any of it. I focused on school and every day I kept telling myself, I don’t want to see any spirits anymore.

I did not see any after a while, then we transferred homes again but I did not see a single spirit anymore. I can’t see but I still can feel if there’s any in the place that I am at.

It has been 18 years since seeing that snake. 

I researched the meaning of a snake in dream symbolism which both denotes good and bad meanings depending on culture. Even if I don’t know which is the most probable explanation, I kept them noted.

There was one that explains that it can be my spirit animal but I don’t resonate with it. I learned our native folk lore that I found about snakes. Snakes are considered deities of the Filipinos of the Pre-Spanish colonization era and they considered it lucky.

There were stories of people being born with a ‘twin snake’ and are spiritually gifted individuals. I found out that Elementals take form of animals to manifest in our dimension.

Shamans or witches take the form of an animal as a disguise.

With every possible fact, I always end up with the question of what does it want from me?

Also I cannot neglect the fact that the snake can be a Reptilian. 

I asked my previous partner who is a Shaman, regarding this, but his answer was vague too. He said that it is possible that it was a ‘Lamang Lupa’ or an ‘Elemental’ manifesting in a dream. Or it was a ‘Mangkukulam’, or a ‘Witch’. He was leaning to the witch because of my background and where my mother came from. Even with his speculation, I am still lost in it.

If the snake was just a cloak of a shaman or a witch, what does he or she have to do with me? If the snake was indeed an Elemental, what does it want? What is the basis of me being ‘ready’. Once I am ready, will it come back for me? If it comes back what would it do to me? Would it eat me whole?

I don’t want to be paranoid for, who knows, maybe it is just a dream and I might be exaggerating. But I really can’t shake it off. Of all things that I saw that were scary, I think this was the scariest of all because it’s unknown to me.

If only someone had the answer, then I could finally put it to rest. But until then every time I see a snake it reminds me of that huge marble white snake with golden eyes.

I pray that was just a dream and that my intuition was wrong for once.

There Is No One - Rachel
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There Is No One

by Maria

It was a dark.

The small parking area allowed for maybe 3 or 4 cars in front of the closed horse sized gate. But walk just a little to the left and there the foot path invites you travel. 

Large trees line the sides of the gravel road. There is nothing, there is no one. The quietness leaves the wet yellow pebbles shifting noisily under each step. It is cloudy and misty. It has been raining on and off all day. Only a .5 mile walk to the mansion. She thinks for one second, should I? But is reassured as one woman with her little dog has just departed.

Spirit is all around, all 5 senses are activated by the richness of the wooded environment. All is peaceful. Deep breaths in and out. There is nothing. There is no one.

Walking on, the road curves, and curves again. Then, there, a bit ahead on the left, a large white building. The gravel road leads right to the steps of the mansion. You can picture old horse drawn carriages, under large oak trees, single file, steer to the right, come about, deposit a guest or 2, then continue on, veer left and be back on the road.

But there is still nothing, no one. Just old memories from pictures history has shown us of Colonial times. Just the feeling of the past, long forgotten. 

There is no path to follow to go around to the back, but she goes anyway. She is sure there is a view to be seen. She is not let down. She climbs the stairs on the back of the mansion, to be protected from the rain that has begun again. It is a large covered deck, waist high wall, except in the center where the wide staircase is.

But what is learned is that the mansion is on top of a hill. Sloping down almost immediately below the stairs is a large, lush, and green field, spotted with trees and clusters of trees and bushes. It is flanked by the forest, and past the field, a river. Too wide to swim but the opposite shore can be made out.

She breaths. There is nothing. There is no one.

White appears from the left! She nows sees it is a dark male in a white shirt and white pants with wild hair. He disappears as quickly as he appeared. He seems in a hurry.

She descends the stairs and is headed back to the gravel road. When she is at the right side of the mansion she looks up. It is the dark male in white coming toward her at a quickened pace! She can tell his intent is to harm, but he passes her on her right. 

She quickens her pace. She cannot run and knows that she should not try, there would be no point. The car is .5 miles away on the other end of the gravel road surround by woods and field. There is nothing. There is no one.

Via her peripheral vision, she sees him come from the left. It has taken him seconds to walk behind the mansion and is now headed toward her at a fast pace. She is ahead, but everything in her tells her not to run. He is gaining, but everything in her tells her not to run.

She keeps looking back, he is right there, but everything in her tells her not to run. She can feel him targeting her genitals, but everything in her tells her not to run.

She turns her head to check, he has turned around and gone back toward the mansion. She is not relieved, but still does not run. She turns her head to look again, he has returned, and has increased his pace again. She still does not run. Neither does he.

She knows she is close to the gate, the car, safety, a way to put considerable distance between them.


One more look over her shoulder, he is closer.

The gate, the little footpath opening, now on the right, the car door, the engine, she drives off.

There is nothing. There is no one.

The Ghost is Dad - Gus
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The Ghost is Dad

by Gus

I grew up in a small border town of Mexico next to Texas. Just like in many small urban town, ghost stories were common but even since I was small I could always tell that many of those stories were just stories only to scare the children. I knew this because since I was a little boy I had experienced strange phenomena. This is one of many strange stories!

It was the early 80's, me and my twin brother were only 6 years old. In those days the neighborhood we move too was not populated. Our small house was one of the few houses around the block and it was surrounded by empty grassy empty fields. My Dad had worked really hard to build his dream house and my Mom was proud that we had a place we could finally call home. My Dad always had been a happy go lucky type of guy. He loves to dance and in those days he was a real practical joker.

One of those days our town was hit by a lightning storm and the lights went off all around the neighbor hood for a few days. In those days we were used to not have a lot of lights or any air conditioning, so we did not pay to much attention to it. Me and my twin brother were playing around the house. Running from one room to another and from the restroom to the kitchen! I remember thinking my Dad was sitting in the porch with my Mom because I could swear I could hear them laughing and talking. 

Furthermore me and my twin were playing and running around the house. We would run from one room to another from the rest room to the kitchen. As we were running from the rest room towards or parents room. My Dad came out running covered in a translucent blanket! I remember my brother and me screaming "Dad, dad, dad... your a Ghost! Your a Ghost" lol As we yelled and laughed at him. My Dad strangely did not speak! He would move his arms and jump up and down but he did not speak! I could see the silhouette of his dark face and dark hands but his hole body was covered in that blanket! Everything, everything except his feet... I remember looking at those feet and thinking: "His feat look to grey." "Why are his feet so grey?"

Out of a sudden he started to run, strangely moving his arms up and down. And all we could see was his grey feet, as the blacked was being pushed back by the air. He ran pass the living room, toward the back kitchen and exited to the back patio. My twin and me run behind him screaming "Dad is a Ghost... Dad is a Ghost... Dad is a Ghost" lol 

As he exited the back patio. He ran toward the house 9" feet brick wall but he did not stop! We were chasing behind him, when out of the sudden he took a leap in front the wall and this man became an empty white blanket! An empty blanket that jump the wall effortlessly and flew towards the sky above in front of us. 

As this thing flew away, we could see the blanked just being pulled by the air toward the starry dark sky. But no man, no Dad... it was just a Ghost! As the idea sink in and we were just stunned by what we saw. One of us just screamed: "DAD A GHOST... Aaaaaa REAL GHOST... DAD HELP!" HELP DAD, HELP". lol

My Dad rushed in first and then my Mom! They were both in the front porch that hole time! My Dad run up and down all around the house looking for the prankster but he did not understood it was a POLTERGEIST politicize the whole time!

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