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Soul Therapy


In a nutshell, Soul Therapy answers the fundamental question:

What is the purpose of your life?

I am an Advanced Soul Therapist, Certified as a Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, Past-Life Regressionist and NeuroLinguistic Programmer. I address your current experience in these sessions at varying levels in order to offer you a clear understanding of how you can alter the circumstances of your life.

This Complete Soul Therapy comprises several other individual readings I offer (Chakra Control Session, Soul LIfe Lessons) and includes both energetic clearing as well as substantial information concerning the actions needed to take in order to create the life experiences that you desire. These sessions are based on a Multi-Dimensional approach to receiving information from your Soul’s Blueprint and history.



Many spiritual traditions and teachers talk about ten or twelve dimensions of existence. The equations put forth in Superstring Theory, or String Theory require ten dimensions of existence. String Theory, in brief, is an attempt to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one, single theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny, supersymmetric strings. Tiny energy strings. You often hear mention of our “vibrational rate”.

This is what it refers to.

I have always considered there to be ten dimensions of existence for the Soul, with the 11th and 12th dimensions reserved for other supernatural beings, Celestial Beings, Divine Messengers or Angels and Archangels, whatever you choose to call them. Over the recent past, the dimensional levels or our Being that are accessible to us, from this third-dimensional incarnation we live in, have increased dramatically.

Making it possible to be more aware of choices that express who we are, at Soul-level.

As our thoughts align to who we are at Soul-level, we can receive more information and guidance from upper dimensional aspects of our Being at the level of mind. Every dimension has specific energetic qualities and it affects all other dimensions – this is why spiritual evolution takes place through our experiences in this third dimension. However, the density of this third-dimensional, physical experience makes it the dimension that most affects every other dimensional aspect of our existence. With this Soul Therapy Work your blocks and restrictions are cleared in the fifth-dimension and it affects your entire Being.

 My background as a Metaphysicist has brought me to understand that – while it is true that we can indeed lean on Quantum Physics to explain physical phenomenon – responses come to us from a metaphysical plane that allow us to ground our Soul research and practice as psychics.


And, most importantly, to tap into an infinite store of information, what many refer to as the Akashic Records.


When enquiring via email, I will respond and contact you within 24 hours to get the preliminary information necessary to understand if I can work with you. Then, once I receive the order, I will schedule your reading, usually within 7-10 days, the time it takes for me to complete the work. I access your Soul's record at upper dimensional levels and complete a research protocol to prepare your Soul profile for your reading.

The Soul Therapy session, during which we discuss my findings before I clear all blocks and restrictions and restore balance at different chakra levels. It has a value of $750 and lasts approximately 90 minutes, after which there is a Follow-up period.

Donate below for this session.


Highly suggested is a package of two sessions:

the first  Soul Therapy session and a successive "tune-up" to be scheduled when you feel the need. This is valued at $900.

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