Shifting Energy in Relationships

  • Taking stock of energetic patterns in relationships

  • Establishing relationship boundaries

  • Shifting relationship patterns

Four sessions of hands-on participation in completing work geared making changes available to you and enacting them

A $818 investment


Money Karma

  • The essence of creating income

  • Creating the groundwork for financial abundance

  • Reaching financial objectives

Three sessions to completely revamp your control over your financial situation

A $725 investment


Health & Healing Energetically

  • Recognizing health depletion

  • Fostering health and well-being to begin a process of healing


Two sessions that target the fundamental area of your life that makes it possible for you to meet all other challenges.

A $457 investment


Open Coaching Sessions

  • ​Individual sessions

  • Tailored to your needs

  • With or without divination tools 

These sessions are scheduled on a one-off basis, or planned sequentially, depending on your specific needs. Each costs $100 and lasts approximately 45 min

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