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The Language of One... Some thoughts

Posted by Clara on the 22st February 2019

Last week, a beautiful soul, Elisabeth from House of Idem talked about the divine feminine being stuck at the bottom of a well waiting and longing for her divine masculine. This video really triggered me. It is called “transformation or stagnation, your choice”. 

The word « well » reminded me of a vision I had received during a meditation in 2012. Thank you Elisabeth for bringing forward that part of me long gone and forgotten.

Prior to that event, back in England, I had been following some meditation and Reiki classes. At the time, I so desperately wanted to become spiritually gifted. Sally became my Reiki Master. She was my teacher, I was her student. I was really looking up to her. I always had that tendency of giving away my power. Sadly, it eventually ended up costing me so many friendships. I learned that there is no such thing as staying in the dynamic of One being the master and another One being the student. This thought pattern is unhealthy... Instead, it's better to think that we are all equal and learning from each other. We co-create and its a beautiful concept that I totally resonate with and always have. 

In 2012, I had a vision of my heart being a “well” full of stones and rubbishes that needed to be cleared. I was guided to clean my heart. At the bottom of the cluttered well, I saw a calm lake and there was also a beautiful blooming lotus finding its way back up to the sun light. Sally always used to tell me that I was reminding her of that flower, a sacred lotus. It was a crucial time. It was the starting point of my awakening process. Spiritually inexperienced, I thought I needed someone. So I asked Sally to help me and it became our awakening process. We did great healing together and to each other. We shared a lot. But our relationship still based on the original concept of her being the master and I the student did not survive. I had to detach from her and become ONE. I chose my own path. I have always been working really hard, all my life, in order to free myself from everything. To stand up tall, to own my truth and yet I often found myself getting attached to something or someone. From then, I cleared everything I was attached to. I had been for far too long, in fear of abandonment, in fear of being different, in fear of not fitting, or not being enough, in fear of unrequited love... Day by day, bit by bit I cleared and cleared my way up from misery and slavery to happiness and freedom. 

Nonetheless, today, I am still at the bottom of that well, but I am standing tall. Surprisingly, I look around and I see the well is all cleaned up and shinny. The well is no longer. All I see is the beauty of vastness and nothingness. The job seems done. So what? What does it mean? Am I free? Am I a prisoner of my own? Am I stuck in the process of transformation or stagnation? What does One do when One has done some work on Oneself all One's life (s)?

All these years I have journeyed down deep into my heart, cleared, healed, isolating myself in the process. I tidied up every thoughts, every expectations put upon me. I realise it is time to stop. It is like a defence mechanism turned into a habit. As a human, I was being busy trying to figure out a way to become better because that’s what I have always done. That's what I know best when all along just the wish to clear and heal, the wish to be freed was in itself already answered. I am getting used to being DONE. To being ONE. I am thinking what else can be done when ONE is freed, healed and happy. No one is talking about that. In fact there is nothing to be done because I just AM. I don’t have to be scared to cross over the mirror that will lead me to new earth because it is already DONE. Everything is an illusion and a perception reflected back upon us from the bottom of our heart. So I guess the clearer it is the better it gets.

With that moon in Virgo just passed, I have let go of any last expectations, of any rest of self harmed judgments, of any remnants of fears. I am closing the door to the belief that I am not enough when I am everything. It is time to close the door to restrictions and negative belief. Everything is now possible. I have reached a phase of my healing journey where I am able to see both sides of everything. I can allow the opposites to be lit, harmoniously, and become complementary to each other. I am starting to understand my true power. I am able to find balance in duality and see the love and light mostly everywhere.

I am what I am. I do love being me. I love being different. I just love. I am transformed. I am free. I am not worried about being single anymore because I know I have to experience being in love with myself first. Being an awakened woman is amazing. I love it. The journey has its up and down but it is becoming so much fun that I am welcoming every second, every experience.

My guides have been pushing me gently toward setting up my own blog. I am working on it. I will carry on writing about my soul journey. About the emotions that the energies bring forward. I will write more and more. I am being guided to write, anything, everything that can be of inspiration...with my words still in alignment with who I am, shared humbly, truly and honestly. I want to spread my wings, share my light through my thoughts and words. I know I am ready, dear Christelle. I have thanked you so many times before but I want to say again  "thank you christelle for having allowed me to blossom and for still allowing me today. I honor you for that. Namaste."

With so much love and light.


Posted by Clara on the 4th January 2019

Up to now, procrastination was a habit of mine. It was a way of exercising my free will. I used to like entertaining the idea of being in control, when, it is becoming quite clear that I am not at all, the universe is. Back in October 2018, my guidance was quite clear and told me to write another article. I ignored it, I did not want to. I made myself doubt the signs from the universe because they were uncomfortable.

I guess I simply have been postponing this moment of sharing my soul with you, lying down on the page some thoughts on my ongoing journey towards the love of ONEself. Why is that? Mainly because I came to realize that whenever I do write, I am into a deeper connection with myself and the divine. This blog is becoming a channel of direct communication with my higher consciousness and with ALL there is. It’s is such a special appointment to honor. And yet, whenever I let my mind or ego get in the way... asking myself “Why?” I freeze and delay the process. Then, doubts are creeping in, letting my fears take control. Such an illusion I created!!! When I do listen to my soul and heart I know that whenever I write, I feel more alive and all seem more peaceful and real. Everything is highlighted by the Divine and it feels just right and so beautiful. 

This new moon tomorrow is already lifting a veil, taking away my security blanket. I am being invited to drop my swords, stop the games of pretending and to surrender. I do feel things are no longer what they used to be. All is changing within me and around me. The new year is announcing a truly amazing time ahead. Holding a surprise.

Without really realizing it at the time, when my ex-husband and I separated, 10 years ago, I started an initiatory journey. I followed a path taking me back to my soul, to my core, to the ONE, the Divine. This is as if I had joined something like a fellowships program with steps to go through. I have learnt to allow, to stop resisting, to experience, to receive, to balance, to mature, to integrate, to align, to being, to shine, to listen to my inner guidance, to trust, to let go, to accept, to love myself....all this as a process, going back and forth, an ongoing process...

I understood that our life is a big play area, we all are connected, with contracts binding each other. It's only by experiencing, going through the lessons that we help each other. Sometimes, people come in our life, even for a brief time and they allow us to reevaluate our past, to remember who we truly are, by bringing to light our shadows. They are like a mirror. It can be very painful. This evolution process is the only way to grow, move forward by rising up above. Cycle after cycle, allowing to be eternally in the forever now. 

Recently I had a vision, sending my gratitude to all the persons I met in my life, to all the ones who have hurt me and the ones who have helped me become who I am. I know I have also hurt people and to those ones I tell them how sorry I am. I say thank you universe. I get that all that is happening in our lives is a test to make us grow and remember. And I realized that all the pain and hurt felt happened for a reason. It was an attempt to take me out of my anesthesia. To wake me up. All has a purpose, all is perfectly orchestrated. Let's trust. All is well. Today I have never felt so alive, so powerful. 

To you my dearest EL, I want to say that among all the person I have met in my lives, you have been the One to hurt me the most. But it does not matter anymore, I know you have helped me the most. This was a part of our contract. It had to be done and it was not done out of spit but out of love. I see it now. Thank you for your most precious gift, your love. I feel your spirit with me, you are in my thoughts, in my soul. I allow, I smile back at you and I keep going, I have become ONE. I am at peace. Thank you. I love you so much my dear EL. Forever.

Bringing peace and light to the world by sharing my truth on this blog. This is an act of lightworker. Yes I am...we all are. Share. 

With so much love and gratitude. Thank you. 

Eternally yours,


Posted 27 July 2018 by Clara 


I am back today with an incredible thought I want to share with you and with all my love.


I actually wrote to you all back in April, an article I honestly, for unknown reasons, could not send you. I felt at the time so much frustration and dissatisfaction with the article that I decided to give up and not to post it at all. To my wonder, I have just found out why. The words I wrote back then were mine, directly coming from my higher self but they were not resonating with the state of mind my being was in. Time is definitely necessary to allow our consciousness to exist and to sink into all our deep cellular memory. It does take time to integrate the Soul into the body, exactly as I wrote it back then but I was not ready and now I am. You will find below this post the article I am now ready to share with you.


The cycle of One's growth is a succession of endings and beginnings, which makes you start it all over again once the cycle is completed until you mature. It requires you to stay clear from the clutter energy coming from the chatter of the mind so that you are a clean vessel for Divine's energy to circulate harmoniously in and out of your body. In turns, it constantly heals and vibrates its true pure loving essence. All is energy, we receive Divine's love, integrate it, understand it and then we expand further by radiating, shinning and being. This process is never ending, it is eternal.


Yesterday, I had a moment of clarity, it all came to me into the vastness of my being. A moment in time where I felt so empty that I knew precisely that what I was feeling was the nothingness and that I was in union with all. My expectation of being filled by love were false because to receive love is actually be filled with emptiness. All the beliefs, the words we use often give false expectations. Let it all go. 

Experiences felt in a state of being need to be going through your state of mind and the state of your consciousness. All need to be aligned and fully synchronized with the energies of ONE.


So much love to you all. Cx


Posted 27 July 2018 by Clara but written on 18 April 2018 

Still growing and fluctuating between nurturing and clearing. This process has recently taken me into another healing dimension. A deep past life healing within the soul has given me another perspective of life. I am finally ready to truly experience my multidimensional being existence. With another level of understanding comes another level of mastering. This healing process is ongoing and definitely teaching me not to hold on too tight to anything at all. What is confusing me the most is that the more I am guided to ascend the more I am also guided to live fully my human condition. It means my expanding consciousness is needed to be anchored. Also, my spirit is integrating its human form and therefore coming home. This is getting uncomfortable and needs adjustment.

On the 2nd of march 2018, I was feeling wonderful emotions and because of the lightness felt in my soul and the purity of my heart, my vibration was raised even higher, taking me to such a wonderful place called Happiness. While spinning in the swirling of the fated wheel of fortune, I have accessed a special dimension where, completely bare, I felt every pieces of love vibration existing on heaven and earth. It felt what I believe could feel like being hit by thousand of waves of ecstasy. This is how I was feeling until my past caught up with me... 

I was lying on a sunbed in the solarium of a SPA place with a view to the ocean, literally facing Long island. That is when your words reach me my dear B. I was not aware you had responded to my previous article and not knowing why, I was strongly guided to connect to Christelle Martinette's website. That's how and when I first read your sweet words dear B. Thank you so much. At that precise moment, I felt so complete and so loved.

As I said before, I believe that we are all ONE. We are all connected at the same present moment in time that we could call a space where all frequency exists and vibrates with divine true love. Life is a pure treasure. Its beauty can be very overwhelming when you finally understand all the preciousness of it all. Everything has a purpose. That place of no time no space does exist and when reached, it is a perfect bridge accessing to past lives. A past life regression is that place where your subconscious mind exists in order to relive your past, understand it, love it and release it with love. I have had a few sessions of past life regression with Christelle. It did help me understand my own unique mind's creation. Our world is a produce of our own imagination that creates in turns and at the same time different experiences happening in parallel worlds. As a result, our soul can get very scattered, giving us a feeling of being lost. It is just a question of understanding our past in order to find back the parts of our lost soul in the matrix of our mind's. Very complex. I don't understand it all but this is what I got to understand through my recent experiences. Keeping ourselves in the present moment prevents us from wishing for something else and therefore loosing ourselves into space and time.

Having said that, I am back to you my dearest B, your magical words traveled back to me from very far. They stayed on my mind for a long while. They were so sweet and echoing to a longing from an unknown past time of mine. Particularly your words “from long island”, it felt they were my words. I actually probably wrote them in the past. Slowly but surely, I could feel something stirring within my soul. During 4 days, those 3 words constantly talked to me. I was like a lion in cage, roaring all the frustration felt of not knowing what was going on. I could not concentrate on my work, I could not do anything, I was paralyzed, very stuck. Then I decided to slowly let myself go. I gave in to the pull of my soul that wanted to express itself so badly. I journeyed back in time. It felt like an eternity and it was so painful, physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually. I could feel all the pain in my soul.

A heartache echoing back to me it took me like a tsunami. Hard to express the emotion, the sensations I felt. The lost pain in my soul managed to find its way back. Then, it was followed by the gigantic release manifested through the crying. Almost at the same time my mental body got in action, my mind was very active and I was thinking what is all this? What is happening to me? Why do I feel so lost? All the lost pain went through my different bodies to finally got transmuted with a final act. I heard myself answer back out loud “I no longer want to wait for you my love, I am not responsible for you. I love you so much but enough is enough. I have always been on my own waiting for you, longing for your love. You promised me you would find your way back to me and yet, you did not. No more waiting my love, I am here on earth to experience a human life. This is the end of conditioning. I free myself from you. I love you but I will no longer wait, not in this life nor in my next lives.” 

This is a deep healing withing the soul. I am waking up to my humanity. A soul is eternal so I realized how long I had been waiting for whoever or whatever to happen so there is no wonder I always felt lost. I was probably stuck in a loop of time and space, in between parallel worlds and all due to my own making. What amazes me the most is how far a healing can take you. This is beyond rational understanding and yet I know it is real to me. It was perfectly orchestrated. All the pieces were there, back together and it made sense. The universe is guiding me every step of the way. I feel I have reached a very important time of my journey.

As a human, we are full of addictions probably because we try to reach again that state of complete bliss we felt when we were a spirit. I am still an addict to my spiritual growth, the hoping and learning but there is a moment in time when enough is enough. Letting go. No one can give me answers, no one can live my life. Hoping waiting is not a good option. But sometimes it's necessary. Not judging oneself too harshly, the destination is not what we should concentrate on but the journey itself matters the most. I had a contract, freeing my soul and searching for something I felt was lost. It is taking me back to myself. The treasure is within. Open your eyes, it's here and yet it's so hard to see.

We too often get stuck into a life pattern, repeating the same mistake, not balancing, not allowing, working too hard to control things that cannot be changed. Trying to hold on to things. My journey is what it is but it is mine, with my own understanding. The Universe is guiding all of us, individually on our unique journey towards the same destination, ONEself.

Overall, what is the ascension process? It is the process of freeing ONE by going through understandings deeply rooted within. Is it the action of going up and down to anchor the elevation of the soul. The soul is asking for its freedom (going up) but it is also required to live a normal life as well. Being and staying grounded, experiencing human life fully and lovingly will allow you to heal faster because it's in action that love is flowing.

Wanting to elevate, feel the vibrations, the divine love, the energies, wanting to connect with the spiritual world, the divine, to ascend into higher dimension is great but we can't get too addicted to this spiritual path. It is best to integrate the physicality and spirituality into our humanity.

We are on earth to experience the greatness of our soul, the greatness of ONE. Our soul is connected to all. Balancing is very important. And I cant help thinking, and so what now? What is? I am addicted to the buzz of growing spiritually but universe is reminding me there is also life on earth. There are challenges, experiences to live fully, such an adventure.

My seeking spirituality gave me back my humanity. I feel I have reached a new level of growth. This is my new human adventure. Based on balancing between the spirit and the body. I finally want to live my life. This is new to me and a bit scary. When you are ready and you actually expect it the least, that’s when the universe gives you something new to work on...

Today, as I work further on this article, I am thinking who am I kidding? Spirituality is my divine path this is my life. This is who I am. I do not want to give it up. The more balanced I will be the closer I will get to my truth, to my authenticity and yet I cant agree more with Aristotle, “the more I know the more I know I don't know”...

posted 2 March 2018, by BKarnes

Your article, Clara, in the blog “The Language of One - Some Thoughts,” was delicious. Really enjoyed reading the astute thoughts of another woman experiencing the same things I am. I’ve also reposted on my twitter and FB feeds. Hopefully others will find it over the days, weeks, months and years and be guided back to your words, Clara, and the offerings of Christelle Martinette's website.

Thanks for adding such pleasure to my Friday morning here on Long Island.

posted 14 February 2018, by Clara

Who are we? Who am I? Who is One? Are we all going through what I am going through?


Many moon cycles have come and gone since my last post...we are approaching yet another moon, a new moon on Thursday, 15 February. It feels like the universe is speeding up the process of transformation. Something is happening... and faster than we may expect. What is it?


The current astrology, the alignment of planets and the energy is helping us get rid of very deeply rooted emotions, mental patterns and people in our lives that are no longer needed for our higher purpose.


We might not be aware of the change that needs to occur and we might just want to hold on tight to what we are used to. Don't resist, what you think you wish for is irrelevant. From my personal experience, the process is actually unstoppable. The universe has a plan; it has your transformation in mind. If you do try to stop it, you might end up hurting yourself even more. So you may just as well go with the flow, allow the letting go process.


As a result, I feel more and more alive, in touch with divine nature. For the first time I am aware that I am a human with a soul, yes, but also a being from nature. I am like a tree shedding its leaves. I am also the moon, I am the sun, I am the light and darkness, and I am all dualities on earth. I am integrating them all. I simply follow the cycle of growth.


I feel the energies as deeply as I go through the rhythm of death and rebirth. There is no holding back, just allowing the clearing, learning the lessons. I am no longer addicted to suffering and I am no longer scared of my light. I trust in the cycle of life.


The more I let go, the more I am in tune with my true nature. My higher consciousness is connected to all there is. I am like a baby being cradled in the arms of Mother Earth....the nurturing of ONEself.


We are all ONE. There is only ONE. What might make a difference between us all is our willingness to open up to experiences that will in turn give us understanding and awareness. All we have to do is remember that we already are One with all there is. It has always been this way and always will be...let go...


Posting my last article helped me reached a higher vibration. I was so totally free and happy to be me that I could manage doing anything I put my mind into for a while. But a danger appeared; I listened to my mind instead of my heart and soul. I did not take long to realize that my ego had got in the way. The downfall has been very difficult but I am grateful for it. After a session with my dearest Christelle, I understood I was mourning my own self having gone through such a change during last few years. So I had to make peace with my inner child.


Christelle Martinette kindly suggested an exercise. Writing a letter to baby Clara and, as recommended, with a special pen. I chose a fountain pen. You know, the one with the words you write sliding on the page, it almost writes on its own. The following 4 days I wrote 4 letters, one each day. This is what it took me to really reconnect to my inner child. It was very sad and painful remembering the past traumas of my childhood.


On the fourth day, a major breakthrough, I realized I was the one to be forgiven. And there was only one person to do that. It was me. I needed to forgive myself for abandoning me, for not being able to take care of me and for letting others treat me so badly. I can tell you, the suffering and the uneasiness of the exercise was worth it. As a result, the level of happiness felt was so high and unexpected. I felt so alive, so free, and so complete.


I am convinced that 2 years ago, approaching Christelle Marinette for a soul realignment treatment, has immensely contributed to speeding up my ascension process and freeing my soul. I found me.


On my last post I was telling you I had not figure out yet how to contact my spirit guides. It's only when I managed to let go of my expectations of how they would communicate with me that the answers came. I honestly thought they would talk to me making sentences, or that they would manifest so that I could see them clearly with my eyes. I thought I was going to be able to feel their presence. Instead, I realized, the language of ONE is different for all of us. And it's never the way we expect it, it's even better. It can be coming through a combination of different things that resonate most with your soul and your special gifts.

When I write with a clear mind, when I am aligned with my higher self, feeling detached, that's when they come to me, through my words. Their presence can also be manifested through smells, through signs, numbers, songs, thoughts coming spontaneously to me. I am no longer alone, I feel so loved, and I feel it's all coming from the One, the divine manifesting its presence in every single one of us. We are all the One. We are all love. What else can it be?

I don't know how my life is going to unfold, but it does not matter anymore. I am happy living in the present moment. It is such a divine adventure, in an unexpected way.


I have to confess, even to Christelle Martinette, that I really thought I was a twin flame to the man I could not get over. The man for whom I had such a heartache. I thought he was my twin, my true love. The messages I received from my spirit guides after sessions I had booked with Christelle Martinette regarding him were not enough for me to really stop thinking about him. I kept thinking he was the one for me even though my guides were telling me he had a negative influence on me. I finally managed to let go of the codependency between us. That is what I used to love, the suffering.


After all the work I have done on letting go, I recently realized that I was actually the one for me. I received from an insight that I have fully integrated the energies of the yin and yang, of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. I am both. I am in union with myself. I am now an infinite soul integrated into a finite body. I truly love myself so now it does not matter if I am a twin flame or not because we are all divine beings with a purpose.

Our mission is to stay as clear and light as possible. True to ourselves by letting go, trusting and enjoying the process, every day, constantly with peace, love and happiness in the heart. I know it's easier said than done. Know for sure that anything can be achieved as long as it’s coming from your heart and soul’s desire.

Try to always stay focused on the cycle of death and rebirth. Stay balanced, live harmoniously, see the good in all things and mostly, love yourself. You are a beautiful never ending story. Enjoy. You are the ONE.


Much love and light.

Eternally yours,


posted 1 November 2017, by Clara

One with all, the beginning…


We are approaching the full moon in Taurus. It is a time of gratitude. That is why I choose to express myself on this very special day for the very first time for all to read. I am so pleased and honored to be able to upload my thoughts on Christelle Martinette's website. Thank you very much Christelle. Time has come for me to share how I got to meet and work with her. I remember precisely the date; it was on the 20th of October 2015. I had previously noticed her unique and timeless style, when I was following her on YouTube. Her videos really resonated with me and I knew at the time that she was going to be the one that would help me get out of my misery. She did, so brilliantly.


To briefly tell you about my background, since the age of 19 up to now, I am 47, I have worked really hard on myself with some psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists... I have always been emotionally fragile due to a difficult childhood I guess. I was raised by a neurotic unloving mother and an alcoholic, emotionally absent father. Nonetheless, I always believed I could be happier, so I committed on improving myself, always keen on transforming any thought, any emotion into a better version of me. All the professional counsellors helped me to the best they could but at the age of 45 I still had not gained a level of happiness I was hoping for. I knew something was not right with me. I was considering myself healed on the physical and emotional planes, I did not know what else I could do. I was still deeply sad, to the core of my being when I should not have been. Why was I still failing at love relationships? Why was I always faced with unrequited love? What was wrong with me?


More personal work needed to be achieved but this time it was on a totally different plane. From the sessions I had with Christelle, I realized I was not complete, I was not whole, I was completely lost because I had ignored my Soul for too long and my Soul was now crying for help. I was ready to be healed on a more spiritual level. My Soul had been repressed and not listened to for so many years and probably lifetimes. My Soul was very sick and needed much healing, care and love, so that’s when I started to think of Christelle as my Soul doctor. Occasionally, I used to tell her ‘thank you doctor’…I thought that was funny.


Christelle helped me get over a bad break up. It took a while, but all the information and guidance she gave me from the invisible world helped me tremendously. Today I can honestly tell you I am at peace, no longer eagerly waiting for some kind of love. I am totally free and happy to be me. I finally love me. All along, the unrequited love I was feeling was actually the lack of self-love mirrored back to me.


Alright, enough of me, I want to keep those stories for later but for now, I want to tell you how I have come to visualize Christelle. I was guided to knock on her door, so to speak, because she is the best key holder. She possesses the keys to all the doors you are willing to open. Just ask her and she will. When she reads the cards, Christelle opens the door to your future. With a Past Life Regression session, you can have a vision of your past that will enable you to better understand your present. By clearing Souls she is clearing the way that will take you to open the unique door of your heart’s desire.


That’s my favorite door, it’s the most magical. I will actually tell you my thoughts on the subject on my next post. I believe having some Soul therapy is like resetting your internal compass. Once you were lost, and now you have found your way home. Generally, as your guide and with the help of your spirit guide team, Christelle pushes you on the right tracks of your Soul journey until you are capable enough of being your own key holder.


I believe she is brilliant at unlocking the secrets of the invisible world. She really inspired me. I am no longer scared, I trust and I know for sure that the invisible world is very present in our lives, there is no denying, it is talking to us constantly, all we need to do is pay attention and follow the signs of its guidance. I am still working on talking to my Spirit Guides but this is something I have difficulties with, so now and then, I contact Christelle for a Spirit Guides follow-up session. I guess we are not all equal with our talents. But that’s perfectly ok, we are all different and unique in our own way. In one session I had, Christelle described to me my primary Divine gifts, they are Divine Self-expression and Divine Love. At the time I thought, yeah right, there is no way... To tell you the truth, I have been a victim of my own shyness and inability to express myself for so long. Somehow, I had always promised Christelle that one day I would comment on her “what they say” page. Time passed by and I could not write it. Some insights, messages from my guides, kept telling me, that it was not yet the time. I had to wait. Very recently, my guides were very insistent because I tried to ignore them. They kept telling me to ask Christelle if I could write my blog on her website. Who would have known? Here I am…


And regularly I am going to post some thoughts, I have so much true stories to tell you. I will literally open and share my Soul with you.... especially on how it is possible to transform oneself in order to become the one we are supposed to be: ONE with ALL.


To finish for today, I would like to add that I truly love the idea that nothing is ever completely set, that everything is constantly changing…That’s the beauty of life. And here is a little prayer I love. ‘I am One with all, I am One with my energies, I am anchored in divine light, I am Love, and I am protected’.


This is Clara, sending you love and light from France, until next time…


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