​“Take a piano. The keys begin, the keys end.

… Did you see the streets?

There were thousands of them! How do you choose just one?

One woman, one house, one piece of land to call your own,

one landscape to look at, one way to die.

All that world weighing down on you without you knowing where it ends.

Aren't you scared of just breaking apart just thinking about it,

the enormity of living in it?”

The Legend of 1900

G. Tornatore


How to uncover the relationship between two Souls,

their karmic relationship,

as well as what lessons they’ve chosen to experience with each other?


I work on all forms of relationships, family members, business partners, those that have a major impact on our lives.

Based on your current situation, we get to the energetic root of your current experiences, discussing blocks and restrictions that may be affecting your relationships in terms of imbalances and illusions.


We focus on how to address future outcomes in relationships.


It's expensive. It's worth it.

Dr. Christelle Martinette R.M.

Copyright © 2015 Christelle Martinette

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